Generative Musings

A collection of art experiments using DALL-E 3.

Man stares into the abyss

A Renaissance man stares into the abyss.

Psychedelic realm of Anunnaki

The Anunnaki, celestial beings draped in cosmic fabric, in a psychedelic realm.


Marcus Aurelius encounters a menacing creature made of shadows, a personification of man’s inner demons.

The moment of Nirvana

Siddhartha Gautama achieves Nirvana under the Bodhi tree as his past lives bear witness to the moment.

Cosmic complexities

Cosmic complexities

Cosmic complexities

Planets and celestial bodies adrift in their orbits, representing life’s unpredictable cycles. A figure stands amidst this cosmic dance, looking up, acknowledging the ever-changing sky.

Renaissance man against the darkness

A man gazes into a deep, ominous chasm. His posture suggests defiance against the engulfing darkness.

Shiva's Tandava

Shiva performs the Tandava in his divine rage.

Seneca in a garden

Seneca sits in a garden, pondering, as the world burns around him.